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Cut myself for the first time.


life8me says

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Please don't go down that road. Please.

Going_Under says

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Oh god please don't do it again.

BecomingLogyn says

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:( I agree with those 2^ please don't do it again. I've been battling it for 7 years and I regret it every day.

XxShatteredxXxSoulxX says

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I agree with all of them. I've been do it for 8 years, the scars don't fade, and your regert it more and more. Stop now, please

hiddeninsomnia says

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Adding to this, don't go back down that path. It took me 2 years to quit and I still to this day battle myself not to start again. And Rachel is right, the scars don't fade. I regret every single time I did it and I will never forgive myself for that choice. It's not worth it. It becomes like an addiction, that to this day I'm still fighting to stay away from. There ARE safer ways to get the pain out, to feel again I promise you. Come to us, we can help you, we just don't want to see you go down this path.

Taylorfelg34 says

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I agree with everything on here! Please don't do it again. I've been fighting with this for too long. It IS addictive, and you WILL become addicted to it. I regret the day I first picked up that blade, and I don't want you to, too.

AyeJay says

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please dont hun, i use to cut myself for 4 years and it was not worth it at all.

IAmAlive says

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Don't go down that road, it's not worth it.

Going_Under says

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It really isn't worth it. You think you can control it but you can't.

Brilliant says

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No. Don't do it. Please. I'm nearly two years clean and it's the hardest thing I've ever done. It's so fucking hard to stop once you start. It's not healthy. It's not normal. It's not good. It's not glamorous. AND it only takes away the pain for a little while. Please. Don't fucking do that.

square_sush says

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As someone who's been a year clean, I beg you to never hurt yourself again. Even long after I've stopped, the urge still comes to me just when I think I'm finally okay. The scars plague me, and one of my biggest fears is the hurt in my husband's eyes when he sees them. Please, if you even need help, talk to me or someone else here. Talk to a counselor. Talk to someone. Just please please please don't make yourself bleed again.

Bella383 says

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I started cutting myself in 9th grade and lately I started doing it again but I am getting help to quit. Plz don't cut yourself and talk to someone about it plz don't do that to yourself

lovely says

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I started in 6th grade. I was doing it up until the beginning of this fall. You shouldn't do it to yourself

lollyworm says

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I almost did a couple of times. It seemed easier to just escape. My family showed me that there were people there for me. Look at everyone here on this site who is here for you.

justanotherhopelessgirl says

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Thank you guys, so so so much. You have absolutely no idea how much all your comments mean to me and the fact that you all are worried about someone you don't even know literally brought me to tears. You guys have no idea how big of an impact you made on me. Seriously. You guys rock for real.

Going_Under says

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we are always gonna be here to support you. no matter what. i think any of us would do pretty much anything to stop someone from making the same mistakes that we did. at least i know i would. <3 stay strong

torturedbutterfly says

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I'm new here, but I've been cutting for three years. I'm really just now making an effort to stop and it drives me crazy. So, like everyone else is telling you, DON'T DO IT. Take those blades and flush them down the toilet. Once you start, it's like torture. Talk to someone or do something else. Please. Just don't cut.

oliviaaa says

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Please stop, lovely. You're beautiful and amazing. Don't you ever forget it. You may think cutting will make things won't, and I can swear by that, it just makes things get worse. Surround yourself with those who care.

secretkeeper1998 says

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I'm going down that road now...parents dont know

TheLockedDoor says

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Oh god, I've been clean for a year and 8 months and damn, it's hard. And to you, justanotherhopelessgirl, please don't do it to yourself. But to everyone else here, wow. It's amazing how such a terrible thing can bring us all together. We can compare stories and hardships, but above all, we can use our personal experience to help prevent others from going down a hard road

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